Food For The Human Tribe™

Produced the way nature intended - No chemicals, No preservatives!


We believe a restaurant should be a place where people with common
sets of values and beliefs come together to share their human
experiences. A place to chat, socialize, exchange ideas and make

Because we have a unique perspective of our world, we therefore
understand and truly appreciate our guests with a profound sense of
honor, trust and integrity. Honor in sharing our diverse foods and
cultures, trust-- that we adhere to the highest standards in industry
practices to deliver food with integrity fit for the human tribe.
Service is our passion, making human connection is our purpose in life.

We just happen to make great suya.

Try us!

FOLA JINADU   (Suya Spot, Founder and Owner)
Lt. Cmdr.,
USM Marines (Rtd.)


Serving a variety of dishes, there is a dish for everyone here!



  • Beef/ Lamb Suya

    Thinly sliced beef /lamb seasoned with Nigerian spices and groundnuts. Grilled balangu style to perfection. Go native or mild.
  • Chicken Suya

    1pc 1/4 chicken leg-thigh (chopped small), marinated in Nigerian seasonings, top with yagi spice (groundnut based powder) and grilled to perfection. Go native or mild.
  • Shrimp Suya

    5 count jumbo shrimp marinated in Nigerian seasonings, top with yaji spice (powdered groundnut) and grilled to perfection. Go native or mild.
  • Fish Suya

    Served whole (Talapia - beware of bones!), marinated in Nigerian seasonings, top with yaji spice (groundnut based powder) and grilled to perfection. Go native or mild.
  • Asun

    Deliciously irresistible spicy flamed goat chopped small, served with pounded raw peppers, herbs and spices (Very hot!!!)
  • Nkwobi

    Cow foot mixed in Nigerian seasonings and organic palm oil.
  • Snail

    Peppered snail marinated in Nigerian seasonings.


  • Catfish Pepper Soup

    Zesty spicy soup with chunks of catfish and a delicate blend of Nigerian spices.
  • Assorted Meat Pepper Soup

    A zesty spicy blend of thin broth soup with chunks of beef, lamb, goat and tripe, made with fresh herbs and Nigerian spices.


  • Small Rice

  • Large Rice

  • Extra Yaji Spice

  • Gizdodo

  • Plantain

  • Shawarma

  • Moi-Moi



  • Soda

  • Bottled Water

  • Pure Leaf Lemon Iced Tea

  • Malta

    (Non-alcoholic carbonated malt beverage)
  • Nigerian Malta Guiness

    (Non-alcoholic carbonated malt beverage)
  • Palm Juice (Large)

  • Palm Juice (Small)

  • Schweppes



Don't feel like driving? Great news - we deliver!

We deliver within a 5-mile radius, serving the following zip codes :

  • 21207
  • 21208
  • 21244
  • 21133
  • 21117

(*We charge a delivery fee of $5)


Our 5-Star Reviews from countless customers ensures that your experience regarding our cuisine will be one that you will not forget.


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Impress your boss and co-workers by choosing Suya Spot for your corporate events and parties. This will be a unique experience they're sure to remember!

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Let Suya Spot cater to your guest at weddings and all formal events! A unique event such as this should have a unique experience such as the one Suya Spot Catering can provide!

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